belinda crombach

visual art/storytelling
typo/photo/pixel addict

An inspired visual thinker who likes to get lost in her imaginary worlds. Designer Belinda Crombach > BELIN was trained as an illustrator at Fontys Hogeschool and has a passion for art, design, typography and photography. In her autonomous, digital work, she adds images to her story.

The images flow seamlessly into each other and make the viewer think or disappear. By using
visual storytelling, she not only holds the viewer's attention, but also makes the work more vivid, realistic and empathetic for the viewer. Belin works without a route, idea or concept beforehand, she is guided by her own emotions and themes such as love, sadness, longing and magic.
Music also plays a big role in her work.

During moulting, birds renew their feathers, which is a drain on them. When a bird loses old feathers, it has to create new ones at the same time. Many birds are sick during moulting or they do not take good care of themselves. The energy that had built up is often not enough for a whole new coat of feathers. The series Let's get lost is seen by Belin (after several years of stagnation) as a restart, experimenting and exploring what style fits into a period of her life. Meanwhile, Belin has traded worn-out duffel for new feathers. In this new series: Some like it hot, she still incorporates the same themes: love, sadness, longing and dreams, however now her work is explosive, colourful and with positive activism.

expo 2023 / some like it hot

augustus - september 2023
Cultura Nova Heerlen / Huis van emoties - David Bade | Badeklasse 2023

Kunstketting Stein

expo 2022 / let's get lost

december 2022
Akiza Gallery • Montmartre Paris

co-founder/designer CEYLON creative space makers Maastricht

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